Call for Papers


Only the papers uploaded through the IAPG Congress System shall be reviewed, whether they are submitted for the   Congress, Symposiums or Geotechnology Seminar

Approved papers shall be presented during the oral sessions; they must be innovative contributions in Spanish or English. 

Oral sessions will have a total length of 20 minutes divided between the presentation and Q&A. presentations will be projected using Microsoft PowerPoint.

The deadline or the submission of papers is June 16, 2014. The Congress Technical Committee is responsible for approving, rejecting, suggesting modifications or amendments to the papers. If papers are written by more than one author, the addressee who will receive all correspondence regarding the arbitration results must be clearly specified. It is required that at least one of them is registered upon paper acceptance. 
The Congress official publications shall be in the form of printed Proceedings including all accepted papers. Papers presented during the Symposiums shall be published in independent volumes and those corresponding to the Geotechnology Seminars in digital format (CD).



General rules for Papers


Guidelines for preparing papers

Note: Active participation in the Congress (speaker, exhibitor, panelist, etc.) entails implicit authorization to the organizing entity (IAPG, Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas) to freely reproduce the above mentioned interventions on any means (digital, print, sound recordings, films, video recordings, etc), to the extent deemed necessary. The profits which might eventually be the result of the free reproduction of the material obtained shall be for the exclusive benefit of the IAPG




























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