Noviembre, 5 al 9 -2018
Mendoza, Argentina

Wednesday, November 7 - 4.50 pm


Offshore Exploration round table: “Offshore Challenges”

Since recently, there is a growing expectation about the recovery of offshore exploration in the Argentine Sea. The Argentine Ministry of Energy and Mines has designated over 30 new areas of exploration that extend along 200,000 km2 North and South of the Argentine offshore territory. This was performed through an integral program for the recording of nearly 50 thousand kilometers of offshore 2D seismic data recently completed. On these grounds, the government has issued an international call for tenders and offers are expected by the end of 2018. After almost a decade, the exploration activity in the offshore territory of our country has drawn the attention of the most important oil companies in the world. Therefore, this will be an opportunity to exchange opinions with the main operating oil companies in the argentine offshore territory and learn about the point of view of the national government, as an enforcement authority of this new exploration phase in the Argentine Sea.

Panelistas invitados: Rodrigo García Berro, Director de Offshore, Subsecretaria de Hidrocarburos Secretaria de Energía de la Nación; Sebastián Galeazzi, Director de Exploración, Total Austral S.A.; Néstor Bolatti, Gerente de Exploración Offshore, YPF S.A.; Daniel Pérez Simón, Gerente de Exploración y Reservorios, Enap Sipetrol; Richie Miller, Exploration Advisor South Americ, Spectrum; Alan Hopping, General Manager, Searcher Seismic; Lucila Dalmau, Comisión Nacional del Límite Exterior de la Plataforma Continental (COPLA)

Moderator: Ricardo Veiga, Tecpetrol


Thursday, November 8 – 4.50 pm


Development round table: “Conventional and unconventional: complementary objectives”

The main objective of this activity is to inform about the present and future of the industry. To that end, we have invited the main leaders of different operating companies, to talk about the lines of action in terms of where the investment in their areas is focused and which are their main challenges for the next years (from unconventional to all kinds of development up to EOR, enhanced oil recovery).


Panelistas invitados: Cristian Espina, Gerente Dpto. de Geociencias y Reservorios, YPF S.A.; Alejandro López Angriman, Vicepresidente de Desarrollo de Reservas, Pan American Energy LLc; Martín Cevallos, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo, Compañía General de Combustibles; Laurens Gaarenstroom, General Manager, Unconventional Ventures, Latin America, Shell   

Moderator: Jorge Buciak, CAPSA CAPEX

Friday, November 9 - 4.50 pm


Energies round table: “Integrating hydrocarbons into the future”

Energy needs are constantly growing in every society, even more in those countries who need to fully develop. This reality was understood by the different sectors and therefore, we consider this renewable energies round table an excellent opportunity to exchange different points of view and related projects.


Panelistas invitados:

Edgardo Vinson, Director del Dpto. de Energía, Fac. de Ingeniería, UBA; Jorge Ravlic, Gerente Planificación  Estratégica y Desarrolllo, YPF Energía Eléctrica; Julio Ríos Gómez, Presidente, Segemar; Kris Nygaard, ExxonMobil research Company

Moderator: Luis Stinco, consultor