Noviembre, 5 al 9 -2018
Mendoza, Argentina

“Maximizing efficiency through Innovation”

Innovation, efficiency and outstanding quality are the objectives to be achieved in Today’s context. It is under this scenario where Petrophysics has a key role, as a comprehensive and integrating discipline in the different stages of exploration and development projects. The greater sophistication and maturity of reservoirs in an environment of cost optimization, require a higher degree of analysis and creativity in Formation Evaluation.



Though the integration of the different work scales, the challenge is to achieve a better definition of the petrophysical models, by reinterpreting data already gathered and incorporating information coming from new acquisition technologies (profiles and laboratory).


Geomechanics session

“Efficiency and innovation through Geomechanics for reservoir exploration and development”

Geomechanics has an important role in every phase of reservoir exploration and development. Although the routine application of Geomechanics in our industry is relatively new, this area of knowledge has grown rapidly. Some key contributions of Geomechanics to asset management include: reducing and managing the risks of drilling and well completion campaigns, improving seismic and geological interpretations, optimizing stimulation and reservoir management.

Although Geomechanics has contributed to address a series of important questions in E&P, many aspects to achieve the necessary efficiency in the present context of the industry are still open. In that way, Geomechanics will still have a key role in the exploration and growth of the hydrocarbon reserves and production rates.