Noviembre, 5 al 9 -2018
Mendoza, Argentina

In 2015, as per official statistical data of the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEyM), 91% (US$7,224 million) of the total investment in Exploration and Production (E&P) carried out in our country (US$ 7,949 million) was destined to development activities, including the drilling of 1,294 exploration wells (US$ 5,891 million).

This data show that the development of oil & gas reserves gathers the largest volume of investment by Producing Companies. Such investment is destined to drilling, completion and exploitation of producing wells and the construction of the infrastructure required for hydrocarbons conditioning and moving from the wellhead to the points of sale.



Presentation of Technical Papers and Case Studies related to hydrocarbon development that allow identifying the importance of integrating sub-soil studies and works, sharing best practices and emphasizing the role of geosciences and reservoir engineering, as the basis for decision-making.


Some topics of interest:

Mature fields, Secondary Recovery / Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Development of Unconventional Reservoirs, Offshore Development, Case Studies, Geological and Geophysical (G&G) Studies & RE (Reservoir geophysics, Description and Characterization of Reservoirs, Reservoir Modelling & Simulation)