Noviembre, 5 al 9 -2018
Mendoza, Argentina

“Towards a new Convention”

The emergence of unconventional plays has transformed the hydrocarbon exploration and development perspective in Argentina and worldwide. The presence of large amounts of resources has been proven and the technical feasibility of producing them is a fact. The next big challenge is to achieve the commercial success of exploiting these resources in the context of low prices.

A full understanding of the operation of these new plays is a way to improve the location of wells, reduce operational risks and optimize drilling and completion designs, which will result in an increase of productivity and cost reductions.

The Unconventional Resources Symposium “Towards a New Convention” addresses the construction of new models that help to explain the results obtained, formulate work methodologies and share experiences within the scope of multidisciplinary integration.


Objectives of the Symposium:

  • Exhibit, Exchange and share information, ideas, methods and concepts applied to shale and tight topics and to other unconventional objectives, both in Argentina and worldwide. 
  • Discuss new technologies and best practices.
  • Contribute to accelerating the learning curve through the exchange of experiences and results.
  • Demonstrate sustainability and environmental care.