Noviembre, 5 al 9 -2018
Mendoza, Argentina

“To Create and Manage Collaborative Environments”

The Geotechnology meetings are aimed towards providing attendees with the best and most updated information in the market about data management, integration and specific use of software and hardware applied to hydrocarbon exploration and development, and are the “technical expression” to end each period of the Geotechnology an Informatics Committee.

In this Sixth Edition, we will introduce the latest trends, tools, products and services available to that end: workshops, conferences and presentation of Papers from industry leaders will take place, in order to disclose the latest advances in Data Management, G.I.S technology, Information Technology, Application Integration and with the emphasis on the creation and management of collaborative environments for the industry.


Objectives of the Symposium:

To share experiences and knowledge on Information Technology, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data and Project Management.


Event Topics (tracks)

Data Management, GIS, Information Technology, Integration.



Data Management: Fernando Rey (Pluspetrol)

GIS: Claudia Galarza (Tecpetrol)

Information Technology: Daniel Rosendo (TGS)

Integration: Maria Isabel Pariani (ReMASA)