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#CONEXPLO22 will host an extensive portfolio of events – with oral presentations and poster presentations – and several other dissemination and interaction activities. This will be of great interest for the consolidation of learning and professional development.

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the

11th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress

8 - 11 NOV 2022 | Mendoza, Argentina

he IAPG Exploration and Development Committee welcomes you to the 11th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress, #CONEXPLO22, a unique event in our country - with a clear regional importance- to be held in November 8-11, 2022, in the City of Mendoza, Argentina.


The Congress will gather over 1,000 attendees, among industry professionals and specialists, related associations, and academic and governmental institutions. Also featuring a vibrant trade show, the Congress is sponsored by many local and international companies. The technical and technological industry news and insights combine here and are supported by the experiences and outlook for Argentina and the region.


‘The challenge of strengthening the growth’ is the slogan of the Convention, and it includes the point of view for the present and the future. To move on, we have to face new and uncertain scenarios, following a path of progress (whether individual or collective; personal or corporate; public or private). Energy has an essential role in sustaining the growth of our country. And our industry is ready to give a prudent response to the demand, as we’ve been doing for over 100 years.


Human evolution goes hand in hand with the challenges to face and particularly with the responsibilities undertaken. Energy is a source of development and progress and – as key players in the sector – we have to work with the strong conviction that our industry will continue being a mature discipline with a unique experience in energy supply. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in proven projects and in emerging exploration challenges, within a framework of clear rules, access to quality education, effective communication strategies and social and environmental responsibility.


In the context of changes observed during the last decades, regarding technological advances, the new demands of the society (in terms of consumption patterns) and the need to change the course of global warming, have forced companies to reinvent themselves and modify their traditional business models. At the same time, the year 2020 and certainly 2021 put us through a situation never seen before, a pandemic of unprecedented magnitude has been felt in every corner of the world, culture and economy. And forced the adoption – in record time – of new ways of working, relating and taking care of the environment.


The companies’ outlook is very challenging. Growth must be feasible, planned and sustainable, supplying safe and reliable energy. Thus, it is imperative to keep a spirit of innovation, seeing the past experiences as an asset and the future as an opportunity to continue growing and developing.


Within this context, #CONEXPLO22 opens - supporting the decision-making process and responsible growth-, to promote knowledge transfer and the productive exchange of technical and technological experiences among the oil and gas industry professionals.

A wide range of topics will be covered, whether directly or indirectly related to the industry. Exploration and development of conventional and unconventional resources, mature field revitalization, offshore challenges, energy transition, corporate strategy, technological innovation and diversity at the workplace will be the main topics to provide information, promote debate and seek a common understanding.


In that way, we present a program schedule that includes technical presentations and posters classified in 7 (seven) topics on Exploration and Development; 5 (five) different Symposia on specific topics of interest and a session on Energy Transition. In addition, there will be 2 (two) plenary sessions to address and debate on the sector strategies in our country, the VII Geotechnology Meetings, Student Programme, Young professional activities, field trips, workshops and many other opportunities to get together.


In line with the spirit of the Convention, the Exploration and Development Committee will launch a book of exploration and development chronicles. Through the account of its protagonists, the book compiles the learning over the last 50 years, the progress achieved and the vision towards the future of our activity in Argentina. Being our main objectives to appreciate the knowledge and insights, capitalizing on the challenges faced and passing on the young generations our respect for the profession and work.


The growth curve is drawn with the group’s contributions and proactive debate, in a collaborative environment such as shown in #CONEXPLO22 over its ten previous editions. Therefore, we invite the upstream professionals, the companies, researchers and academic and governmental institutions to actively contribute in this space, sharing their knowledge, discoveries, technologies and experiences. Moreover, you can become a protagonist with the publication of a paper, the participation in the trade show, as a sponsor or visitor to #CONEXPLO22.


Looking forward to meeting you in Mendoza, we guarantee a warm welcome and that you will enjoy the professional environment, which will allow the consolidation of learning and the competent growth. “The Challenge of Strengthening the growth ”.

Claudia Borbolla,

Presidente 11° Congreso de Exploración

 y Desarrollo de Hidrocarburos

The history of CONEXPLO, by former Presidents

There is probably more than one explanation for what CONEXPLO means. It could indicate an important scientific and technical event or a meeting of colleagues and friends who share the same interests, among other options. However, an examination to its history to date might be appropriate to achieve a good description.


In CONEXPLO’s history, there are two well defined periods. The first to the fourth event took place in the last century, with an excellent technical content, and a strong influence of the Argentine Geological Congress but of little relevance in the industry, generally speaking. The first CONEXPLO (Mar del Plata, 1989) was the most similar to the present ones, with over 50 technical papers, around 300 participants and a good trade fair. Even though the country was undergoing a period of hyperinflation, it was the beginning of the Houston Plan (Plan Houston, in Spanish) and the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm. The two following Congresses took place at the same time of the Argentine Geological Congress (Mendoza 1993 and Buenos Aires 1996). Finally, the fourth CONEXPLO (1999) returned to Mar del Plata. With an excellent technical content, although small (150 attendees, approximately) and ‘weak’ due to the fact that the industry was experiencing a strong crisis, with extremely low oil prices and big job losses in most of the companies.


The Congress that followed it, the fifth CONEXPLO (Mar del Plata 2002), appeared to have similar characteristics since the country was leaving behind the crisis of 2001. However, the Executive Committee organized it with renewed spirit and commitment, bringing together a key sector of Exploration and Development in order create the ‘Geotechnology Meetings’, and inviting the oilfield service companies to participate, thus setting up a huge trade fair. Likewise, for the first time, several Symposia were organized as important events of the Congress, including, with great success, the publication of the ‘Yellow book’ of Argentine reservoirs, something that continues up to the present day. This initiative in the organization was reflected on the participation of 600 people and around 120 technical papers in 3 (three) different rooms for 3 days. Such a noticeable change in every aspect of CONEXPLO was driven by the goal of the Exploration and Development Committee, which was to offer the geologists, geophysics, engineers and geotechnologists a high technical level as per the papers published, which were – and still are - subjected to double arbitration and an affordable registration fee.

The Congress has improved in every aspect, from the number of attendees, the Technical Papers presented to a total of 15 Symposia, approximately, on different fields, including the career recognition of prominent figures, not only in the technical aspect but also as trainers of the new professionals.


Finally, the tenth CONEXPLO (Mendoza 2018) gathered over 1000 people, 271 technical papers were presented – all of them with double arbitration – with a variety of Symposia, which included Unconventional Reservoirs, the publication of two (2) regional transects of a basin and core plugs, and the participation of various operating companies, three (3) control rooms and the reprint of the ‘yellow book’, that now incorporates the shale and tight oil reservoirs.


The aforementioned activities were very productive and satisfactory and were accompanied by lively and intense debate and a lot of work. But the key to success was the continuity of the organization in the technical aspect, the flexibility to innovate, the quick adaptability to technological changes, giving space to the academic community and the students of related careers, the incorporation of the new generations that gradually took the place of the previous ones but maintain – above all - a high technical level in the papers presented.


Today, with the perspective that time gives, we are very satisfied with the achievements until now, but also strongly motivated by what is yet to come, that is equally promising. Therefore, the 11th CONEXPLO aims at integrating the past experience, renewing the momentum and spirit of former congresses along three decades.

Organizing Committee

President #CONEXPLO22

Claudia Borbolla


#CONEXPLO22 has been developed thanks to the work and dedication of many professionals in the E&P industry. The representatives of Operators and Service Companies, IAPG members and the leaders of academic institutions are behind this event.



of Finance



Development and Sustainability

Marcelo Santiago

ENAP Sipetrol Argentina S.A.

Alberto Luna

IHS Markit

Marcos Cohen

Pan American Energy S.L.

Luciano Di Benedetto



& Basin Analysis



Exploration &

 Petroleum Systems


Pedro Kress


Alberto Ortiz

Socio Personal

Juan Iñigo

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Federico Späth



& Tectonics


7th Geotechnology




Pablo Giampaoli


Agustín Sosa Massaro

Pluspetrol S.A.

Claudia Galarza

Tecpetrol S.A.

Muriel Miller

Socia personal



Offshore Exploration in the Southern Region

of the South American Margin Symposium

Magmatism & Petroleum Systems Symposium

Marco Gardini

Socio Personal

Sebastián Galeazzi,

Pluspetrol S.A

Néstor Bolatti


Marta D´Angiola

Weatherford International

de Argentina S.A.

Mature Fields


Vaca Muerta Development Symposium

Microseismic & Passive Seismic Symposium

Special Session

on Energy Transitions

Tania Galarza

Pluspetrol S.A.

Dolores Vallejo

Chevron Argentina S.R.L.

Luis Vernengo

Pan American Energy S.L.

Alberto Luna

IHS Markit

Posters & Transects Session Coordination

Round Tables


Topical Luncheons Coordination

Hernán de la Cal

Roch S.A.

Oscar Mancilla

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Ricardo Manoni


Yolmir Farías Jerez Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia

Field Trips Coordination

Young Professionals




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