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Marcelo Frydman


Acerca del conferencista:

Marcelo Frydman, based in Buenos Aires, is Technology Integration Center Manager for Argentina. He joined Schlumberger in August 2001, was responsible for the development of the geomechanics group in Latin America and later served as a geomechanics manager for the Schlumberger Brazil Research and Geoengineering Center, Rio de Janeiro. In 2014, Marcelo joined the Unconventional Resource Group in Argentina as the Geomechanics Advisor and, since April 2016, is the Subsurface Technical Integration Manager.

He has worked on a variety of geomechanics studies concerning wellbore stability, sand management, fractured reservoir characterization, hydraulic fracturing modeling, reservoir geomechanics and time-lapse seismic imaging. Before joining Schlumberger, Marcelo worked for 10 years at the Group of Petroleum Engineering and Technology at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) on Brazilian and international research projects. Marcelo received his BSc and MSc degrees in civil engineering and PhD in petroleum geomechanics from PUC-Rio.