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Angel López

Baker Hughes

Acerca del conferencista:

Angel Laureano López
Southern Cone Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering Manager.

Job Experience:
Astra C.A.P.S.A. Exploration (Bs.As.), E&D Cuyo Basin (Mendoza) 1985-1998.
Repsol S.A. Development of San Jorge Basin (Bs.As.) 1999-2000.
Repsol-YPF S.A. E&D Neuquén Basin (Neuquen) 2001-2004.
YPF S.A. Development Petrophysicist (Neuquen) 2005-2007.
Baker Hughes Geosciences (Neuquen) 2008.
Baker Hughes Account Manager (Neuquen) 2009-2010.
Baker Hughes Geosciences Coordinator (Neuquen) 2011-2013.
Baker Hughes Geoscience Manager Southern Cone 2014.
Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services Manager Southern Cone 2015.

Training & Education:
National University of MdP, Carthography degree, 1985.