November, 5 to 9 -2018
Mendoza, Argentina
Ricardo Manoni - YPF

We are proud to announce the “10th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress” organized by the Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG) to be held between November 5th and November 9th, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Mendoza.

This Congress, more commonly known as “ConExplo”, is the most important technical event of the Oil & Gas industry in Argentina as confirmed by the figures of the last years. For this reason, the proposal is to offer a wide range of technical contents and the advances in knowledge for the energy professionals, in general, and hydrocarbon industry professionals, in particular, with special emphasis on Earth Sciences (Geosciences).

What began as a national technical event has evolved to welcome different professionals and international organizations that support the development of ConExplo.

The Congress is characterized by general technical sessions, poster sessions, Symposia on Geophysics, Formation Evaluation, Unconventional Reservoirs and Development. Likewise, round tables, special talks, Geotechnology workshops, training courses and field trips will also be on the agenda. Besides, this year and for the first time, there will be a round table on Renewable Energies. These topics cover all of the Exploration and Development disciplines. Thus, hundreds of technical papers are being presented, attendance is expected to be massive and the national and international companies of the sector and special service companies want to participate.

Besides the geoscientists (geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, engineers, technicians, academics, experts, etc.), students of industry-related careers will participate through technical talks and lectures and contests.

The City of Mendoza is the perfect setting and region for the Congress. It combines the adequate infrastructure to receive more than a thousand attendees, a range of tourist attractions, proximity to the oilfields and outcrops for experts and, above all, the availability of sufficient means of transportation for all local and foreign visitors. Historically, Mendoza has been the viticulture mecca of Argentina but today, the province offers an assortment of tourist attractions and recreational activities.

In the last few years, the Argentine oil industry has not only led the shale oil and shale gas sector but also increased the activity in tight reservoirs, exponentially; thus maintaining and, in certain cases, increasing the hydrocarbons production, even under unfavorable temporary circumstances.

The key word of the slogan is ENERGY, since the oil and gas represent 90 % of the Energy sources in Argentina and 60% worldwide. This means that without the contribution of hydrocarbons, the Communities would be practically on a standstill and the quality of life would experience a setback of almost two centuries. Besides, companies in Argentina and around the world are no longer exclusively oil companies but energy companies with possibility of expansion to other alternative sources, including renewable energy resources. Both the Oil Companies and the Community have already understood the importance of working together, in an efficient, sustainable and safe manner, preserving the environment and optimizing the resources that make everyday life healthier.

We look forward to welcoming you in Mendoza, Argentina, in November 2018, but first we encourage you to enroll attendees, submit papers and sponsor the activities proposed for this “10th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress” organized by the Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG).