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PROGRAM - Call for Papers




Those interested in presenting a technical paper for the Congress must previously upload an Abstract to the Congress System (SISCON) in order to be evaluated by the Technical Committee. The abstract must have at least 100 words and 400 words maximum, summarizing the scope and nature of the experience to present.

The approval of the abstract does not imply the automatic approval of the Technical Paper.

Once informed of the Abstract acceptance, you can upload the technical paper for its final review.

Papers must be original and should have no commercial purpose or advertising messages.

Both the abstracts and the papers can be submitted in Spanish or English. Final papers will be compiled in digital format and provided to participants.

In order to present their papers, authors must be registered at the Congress.


Schedule to submit technical papers:

- Abstract submission deadline until 03/04/16
- Notification of Abstract acceptance to authors as of 03/21/16
- Final Paper submission deadline until 05/31/16
- Notification of Paper acceptance to authors as of 07/31/16

Instructions to upload papers:  
Only the papers in Word format uploaded through IAPG’ Congress System will be accepted


To Access the System
To register click on the following link: and upload your personal information. Remember that all fields are mandatory
To Upload an Abstract
Once you have registered, in the next screen you must enter the Title, Subject, Abstract and contact details, and save the information. All fields are obligatory mandatory.

If there were more Authors, please add in the corresponding button.

You will receive an e-mail confirming that the Abstract has been successfully uploaded in your email inbox.

Once you have received a confirmation from the Technical Committee about the approval of your Abstract, you will be able to upload the complete paper.
To Upload a Technical Paper
Once you have accessed the System, in the last column of the screen labeled “Action”, please click on the button “load paper new version”. The screen will display the data already loaded and, at the end, the green button “select file” will be enabled in order to upload the file with the final paper in Word format.

You will receive in your email inbox an e-mail confirming that the paper has been correctly uploaded in the system.

Note: Active participation in the Congress (lecturer, exhibitor, round tables panelist, etc.) entails implicit authorization to the organizing entity (Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas- IAPG) to freely reproduce the above mentioned interventions on any media (digital, print, sound recordings, films, video recordings, etc), to the extent deemed necessary. The profits which might eventually be the result of the free reproduction of the material obtained shall be for the exclusive use of IAPG.