June 1-3, 2022 – VIRTUAL CONGRESS

Papers Submission

Call for Papers Schedule

Until October 18, 2021

Abstract submission deadline

Until January 12, 2021

Paper submission deadline

From January 22, 2021

Notification of paper acceptance

Those interested in presenting a technical paper for the Congress shall upload an Abstract to the Congress System (SISCON) for the Technical Committee’s evaluation and approval. This Abstract shall have a maximum of 400 words and a minium of 100 word as a summary of the scope and nature of the paper.


Papers should be original and have no commercial purpose and/or contain any advertising message.


Please note that approval of the abstract does not imply the approval of the Paper.


Once you received the communication from the Technical Committee with the approval of your abstract, you will be allowed to upload your Final Paper.


Papers can be submitted in Spanish or English.


To present the accepted paper(s), at least one of its(their) authors must be registered to the Congress.





Para poder exponer los trabajos, sus autores deberán inscribirse en el Congreso.


To Acces the SISCON system (SISCON):


  • Please register here and complete your personal information.
  • Download SISCON System instructions here
  • Download Uploading a Technical Paper  here
  • Download Technical Papers Authorization here


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