4-5 OCT 18


As part of AOG Patagonia 2018 to be held on October 4-5, the Argentine Oil and Gas Institute, through its Exploration and Development Committee, its Gas Treatment and Transportation Committee  and the “Seccional Comahue” will organize the Gas Production, Treatment and Transportation Meetings, under the motto “The Challenge of Unconventional Gas II”.


With its first edition in 2011, the objective of the event is to bring together specialists and participants to discuss experiences and join in a dynamic debate that will allow the exchange of information and update the knowledge of professionals in this integrated sector of the Hydrocarbon industry.


The aim is to share the views of each segment involved in the search of a synthesis of the principal individual and joint challenges to achieve a smooth and successful development of the main non-renewable energy resource in the country. At the same time, it is sought to transfer the present knowledge - required to carry out the projects in this sector - through the technical papers of renowned professionals that have been selected by the Institute.



Meetings are the academic aspect of AOG Patagonia 2018 - the traditional and massive Exhibition organized by the IAPG every two years in the Argentine Patagonia - that will take place again at Espacio Duam in the city of Neuquén between October 3-5.






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