4-5 OCT 18


Gas Production, Treatment and Transportation Meetings

Today, natural gas is an important source of energy worldwide and Argentina is not unaware of this fact, in part due to the possible existence of the resource in the sub-soil and secondly, because of the growing awareness of people about its lower impact on the environment.


Conventional resources are subject to a constant process of depletion and production in unconventional reservoirs - such as tight and shale gas - show a sustained growth in different parts of the world.

The regional potential of unconventional natural gas exploration and production is high in Argentina, which is identified as one of the first regions having this resource; its exploitation has already began and must be strengthened  by attracting solid investment.


Technological breakthroughs, specifically those related to completion, fracking and stimulation, as well as reservoir characterization and monitoring have all contributed to this significant growth. It should also be noted, the need to have an infrastructure of treatment, transportation and commercialization ready for this type of reservoirs.

The present transportation infrastructure and its expansion are an important element to allow gas distribution to consumer centers; therefore, in this opportunity this has been considered of great relevance.




The event will allow participants to:


• Identify the challenges for an efficient development and operation of unconventional reservoirs, their treatment and transportation.


• Review value-added solutions to overcome the challenges in exploration and operation of unconventional gas reservoirs.


• Discuss the concepts of unconventional reservoir profitability, gas treatment and transportation.


• Exchange ideas with colleagues and participants of different companies.


• Share the most relevant case studies and lessons learned.


These meetings are aimed at officials, executives, professionals and technicians of the industry who work in everything related to unconventional gas, specifically tight and shale, and gas treatment and transportation.


The Program Committee expects to attract a well-balanced mix of disciplines and a wide range of managers, technicians, academics and researchers to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and technology.


Participants will be able to engage actively in the debates. Individuals and organizations are also encouraged to contribute with the presentation of case studies and experiences.



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